E-Book: Felizienthal: Conversations with my Ancestors by Jim Lang, with illustrations by John Lang (copy)

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E-Book: Felizienthal: Conversations with my Ancestors by Jim Lang, with illustrations by John Lang (copy)

Jim Lang
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Following a successful 2018-2019 hard copy print run, Felizienthal: Conversations with my Ancestors is now available as a downloadable e-book, exclusively via Amazon ( Based on more than a decade of research, Jim Lang's epic work of historical fiction tracks the author's German-Bohemian ancestors' migrations, adventures, joys and and tragedies across centuries, continents, and oceans. A massive work--829 pages in hard copy--written in novel form, using imagined dialogues, Jim Lang brings his ancestors and their historical contexts to life; he recreates family relationships, the horrors of war, and the challenges of pioneering on the Canadian prairies at the turn of the 20th century. 

       More than one thousand meticulously researched end notes, hyperlinked from the text, provide translations of German phrases and explain myriad supporting facts and contexts. Acclaimed illustrator, John Lang (, provides nine full-page illustrations within the text, as well as the cover and fifteen pages of maps and genealogical charts in the appendix.

     Although the book was intended primarily for family, dozens of which have volunteered positive reviews, non-family readers have been equally effusive in their endorsement of Felizienthal. A recent email to the author:

"I just finished your unbelievable book. I'm gobsmacked. The immensity of what went into this work, your gift of writing and storytelling, your imagery and poetic sense, took me on an unforgettable journey. It literally brings tears to my eyes as I'm telling you this. This is an immense accomplishment, Jim. My most humble congratulations to you. The emanations of your work abound…I'm thinking in terms of the world stage, outside of family. This is an important work of Canadian and world history. More than family should be reading it." --M. Girard, New Brunswick

More reviews, below:

“I just finished ‘Felizienthal,’ including the epilogue and acknowledgements. Brilliant piece of work. I am not a reader (I haven’t read a book in years, I have to admit) and never a book this long. But there was no way I wasn’t going to read it, not only because it is a great book but because it is about and written by someone I know, and I think now know very well…I was impressed, too, with your son John’s illustrations. Wish there were more of them.”–Henry Casten, Massachusetts

“A marvellous achievement. Jim gives our ancestors voice and places their lives in historical context. Here is our family story, a real treasure for us, and one we will pass down to future generations.” –Carol Anne Lang

“A delightful journey into the past; a realistic dialogue covering the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of our ancestors. Well done!”–Ernie Geisbauer

“It really felt true to life. I’m glad we have this. I have twenty grandchildren and twenty great-grandchildren who can now learn more about the family.” –Edward J. Lang

“To bring the history of this family to life in narrative required incredible persistence and effort. Thank you, little brother, for your diligence and years of work! I’m sure that anyone who reads this (relative or not) will thoroughly enjoy the story.”–Lin Lang

“The combination of factual data from years of research and a bit of literary license are woven into an ‘easy read,’ which will enable future generations to access their family history and be entertained while doing so. Good work!”–Edmund Lang

“As I read these pages, I see the faces and hear the voices of my elders. I feel their strength and courage, as real as if it were today. This is a book our grandchildren and great-grandchildren can treasure. Thank you for writing it!” Lorraine (Lang) Schneider

“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book. I just finished it today and found it so informative and entertaining… It was wonderful to be able to visualize the past and learn about the Lang Family even if I did get confused with the families and all the same names. It is a fantastic story… [Max’s niece] Agnes has gone through the book… said that she found it entertaining.”–Karla Horvath, Saskatchewan

“I absolutely loved the book. I didn’t realize what an interesting history we came from. I became inspired to cook cabbage rolls and plum dumplings after I finished the book. I would like to thank you for putting out such a great book.” –Kelly McDermott, Alberta

“I just finished my first read about a week ago. There are not enough words to say how much I enjoyed it and the wealth of overall knowledge I obtained on my extended family- it brought the whole family to life for me.”–Joyce (Gurskey) Scott, Saskatchewan

“I have finished reading'Felizienthal.’ I have to admit I was intimidated looking at it lying in front of me accusing me of being chicken! Now having finished it, I have to admit it was very interesting. I could only imagine the time and effort, the hours of research that went into the book. I totally appreciated it.”–Sieg(fried) Lang, Saskatchewan

“Well I finally finished the book! What a great read. Like any good novel, I found myself wanting to keep reading. I read a lot of books and not many bring tears to my eyes. However, when it came to Uncle Karl’s death I had to stop and clear the tears. Very emotional - well written…A thoroughly enjoyable read. I appreciate the tremendous research you have undertaken to produce this wonderful book.”–Terry Lang, Saskatchewan

“Just wanted to say thank you for the book which I received and am now reading. I am enjoying it very much and appreciate the many hours, days, months and years you must have spent writing it. So a big bunch of roses 🌹 to you.”–Helene Christensen, Alberta

[Translated from German] “It is a gigantic work. It is great and clear and very extensively designed. An excellent history book about the ancient homeland of Galicia for the descendants in Canada and the USA…I was very, very happy about this great gift and I always want to respect it. Warm, warm, many, many thanks.”–Siegfried Grüdl, Germany

“I read every word. You took up the plough, turning over almost two hundred years of love and heartbreak. And you did it deftly, betimes with suspense and always with respect. John’s illustrations are masterful. Your wartime scenes - Karl and Rudy were riveting.”–Ross Colquhoun, Seattle

“I just finished Felizienthal and had to email you tonight. It was remarkable! In the past year I haven’t taken time from the reading and writing needed for my own project to focus on anything else. But you succeeded in capturing my interest. I was addicted the moment I began the first page. It took a few hours to get through it. I carried it wherever I went these past 2 weeks…I shared at least a small fraction of the emotion and amazement you and Mary experienced looking down at Felizienthal for the first time…I had tears in my eyes when you described the scene… I loved how you structured the book - the time line you followed - using conversation to subtly remind me'who was who’ and how each person fit into the family. The Felizienthal and epilogue chapters perfectly completed the story….I am disappointed the reading is over… As long as it was, I treasured every word, every page. This is truly a triumph - weaving all the threads of so many that have come before us into an entertaining, and engrossing story.”–Marilyn Stahmann, Saskatchewan

“I have read the whole book and I could not set it down…I really appreciate the hard work you did research and writing it …I now know who I am and why I am what I am… the working in wood and the music loving runs deep in our veins…as does determination and grit…from where we’ve come to where we are is truly amazing…we should all be proud…thanks again.”–Mervyn and Gloria Lang, Saskatchewan

“Thank you for your endless work on the book. I really enjoyed reading it and now one of my daughters is reading it too to understand our heritage.”–Jim Petro, Ontario

“I’ve been meaning to send this email for some time, because I want to thank you for the great work on Felizienthal. It is an amazing conversation with ancestors. Also it is clear that the time and amount of research done for this book must have looked overwhelming at times. I enjoyed the amount of political history this booked covered. Thank you for this incredible epic.”–Claude Lang, Saskatchewan

“Your book arrived yesterday evening. I’m impressed; I’ve read four chapters. What am I impressed by? Everything, I suppose, but especially the dialogue you created! [Note: Al later reported reading and enjoying “the whole thing!”]–Al Hergott, British Columbia

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Available in MOBI format, produced to international e-publishing standards. A limited number of the original release hard copies are available here:

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